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CBSE Question Papers class 12 - Business Studies 2007

by Deepa Mittal

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Business Studies
Time allowed : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100

General Instructions :
  1. Answers to questions carrying 2-3 marks should not exceed 30-40 words.
  2. Answers to questions carrying 4-5 marks should not exceed 60-80 words.
  3. Answers to questions carrying 6 marks should not exceed 100 words.
  4. Attempt all parts of a question together

  1. What is meant by Supervision ?

  2. What is meant by Marketing Management ?

  3. Explain in brief the concept of Personal Selling.

  4. What role does social environment play in the business ?

  5. Mohan, a manager expects his subordinates to adapt to the new environs and working conditions without giving them time to settle down. Which principle of management is being overlooked and why ?

  6. Write short note on 'management as an activity'.

  7. State any three factors that influence the effectiveness of a leader

  8. Distinguish between 'formal' and 'informal' communication.

  9. Briefly explain any three Objectives of marketing management.

  10. State with reasons your choice of a media of advertising for selling of toys.

  11. Differentiate between'management'and'administration'.

  12. What is meant by 'money market' ? Briefly explain the concept of 'call money'.

  13. Define 'delegation' and differentiate it with 'decentralisation'. Any three points.

  14. With the help of suitable examples bring out any four differences between training and development

  15. What is meant by a 'Primary Market' ? Briefly explain the concept of 'Initial Public Offer.'

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