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CBSE Question Paper 2009 for Class 12 - Business Studies

by saumil shrivastava

General Instruction Question Paper :

(i) Answer to questions carrying 1 marks may be from one word to one Sentences

(ii) Answers to question carrying 3 marks may be from 50-75 words.

(iii) Answers to questions carrying 4-5 marks may be about 150 words.

(iv) Answers to questions carrying 6 marks may be about 200 words.

(v) Attempt all part of a question together.

1. Why is "Management called a group activity" ?

2. "Management increases efficiency." How ?

3. Why are principles of Managements called flexible ?

4. what does the principles of 'Initiative' indicate ?

5. State first two step in the process of planning

6. Give one differences between Policy and Procedure.

7. What is meant by directing ?

8. What is meant by "Right to be heard" to a consumer ?

9. What is the purpose of enacting the Consumer Protection Act 1986 ?

10. What is the purpose of enacting the Consumer Protection Act 1986 ?

11. "Controlling is looking back." Explain

12. Explain the objective of Financial Planning.

13. State the objectives of Financial Management.

14. Define Capital Market. State the two parts of capital market.

15. what is meant by 'direct channels of distribution' ? List any four methods of direct distribution.

16. Aman, Avneesh and Amrish have decided to start a business of manufacture toys. They identified the following main activities which they have performs :

(i) Purchase of raw materials
(ii) Purchase of machinery
(iii) Production of toys
(iv) Arrangement of finance
(v) Sale of toys
(vi) Identifying the areas where they can sell their toys
(vii) Selection of employess.

In order to facilitate the work they thought that four managers should be appointed to look after (a) Production (b) Finance ( c ) Marketing (d) Personnel.

(A) Identify the function of management involved in the above mentioned para.
(B) Quote the lines from the above para which help you in identifying this function.
( C ) State the step followed in the process of this functions of management.

17. 'Some learning opportunities are designed and delivered to improve skills and abilities of employees whereas some other designed to help in the growth of individuals in all respects.

Identify and explain the two concepts explained above.

18. "All managers are leaders but all leaders are not managers." in the light of this statement differentiate between leadership and management.

19. Explain how controlling helps in 'achieving better co-ordinations' and 'better panning' ?

20. Explain any four functions of Consumers Organisations and Non-Government Oranisations (NGO's) for protecting and promoting the interest of consumers.

21. "Coordination is orderly arrangement of group effort to provide unity of action in the pursuit of common purpose." In the light of the statement explain the nature of coordination.

22. Explain 'Differential Piece Rate' and 'Functional Foremanship' as techniques of scientific management.

23. Explain any five limitations of planning.

24. Why was Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) set up ? Explain any four objectives of SEBI.

25. "Bending the customer according to the product' and 'Developing the product according to customer-needs' are the two important concept of marketing management.

Identify the concept and differentiate between the two.

26. What is meant by 'Functional Structure' of an organisation ? Explain ant two advantages and two limitations of it.


Explain the element of delegation of authority.

27. 'Staffing is an important function of management in all organisations'. Why ? Explain in the elements of delegations of authority.


What is meant by recruitment ? Explain any four external sources of requirement.

28. "Directing is the heart of management process." Do you agree ? Give four reasons in support of your answer.


"Effectiveness of the manager depends on his ability to communicate effectively."

29. Explain any four factors affecting working capital requirement of a company.


"Determination of capital structure of a company is influenced by a number of factors." Explain any fours such factors.

30. What are the characteristics of a good brand name ? Explain.


Explain the following sales promotion activities :

(i) Discount
(ii) Product combination
(iii) Financing
(iv) Lucky draw

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