CBSE Exam Results 2013

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CBSE Class X Results for Delhi declared: Check it here

by Pritika Ghura

Delhi class X students are in a celebratory mood as they have performed really well in CBSE Class X exams. If you want to check your results, please click at

The CBSE Class X results were declared on Tuesday (May 30, 2011) evening in which students from India's capital displayed an unprecedented performance. If we see the results, we will see that the continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system, which was introduced from last year, has proved to be a boon for class X Delhi students.

Speaking about the Capital's performance, CBSE officials told media that Delhi stood out with a pass percentage of 98.6 per cent- a dramatic improvement from 91.1 per cent last year. However, majority of these students opted for the school exams. Of the 2,98,330 students who registered for Class X this year in Delhi, 2,47,134 students opted for the school grading system over the board examinations. The reason was school examinations was these exams were comparatively less stressful than Board examinations. The schools, however, believe that the students have fared well due to CBSE's policy to allow students to improve their overall grades in case they fared well in the formative assessments.

Students have benefited from formative assessments that account for unit tests, debates, projects, quizzes, etc. These assessments account for 40 per cent of a student's annual performance in class. Hence, the CBSE results declared that were declared on Tuesday are the accumulative performance (formative and summative assessment) of the entire year and do not just reflect performance in the final examination that was held in March.


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