CBSE Exam Results 2013

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CBSE Class 10th Results see many toppers

by Ritu Chandna

Post the launch of Contin-uous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 10th results that were declared on Thursday saw many toppers. There are hundreds of students who have scored a perfect 10 in Cumulative Grade Point Average.

"I am pretty sure I will get an A1 in all the subjects, so there is no anxiety as such. Also there is no tension whether I score 95 or 96 per cent," says Varnika Chawla of Delhi Public School, R K Puram.

Any student who has secured between 91 and 100 in a subject, has an A1 and a grade point of 10. Thereby any student who has scored more than 91 in every subject has a grade point of 10 and hence qualifies to be labelled among CBSE Class 10th toppers.

Scores between 81-90 fetch an A2 grade or 9 points; 71-80, B1 or 8 points; 61-70, B2 or 7 points; 51-60, C1 or 6 points; 41-50, C2 or 5 points and 33-40, D or 4 points. D is the qualifying grade, and those scoring between 21-32-E1 and 20 and below-E2 will be required to improve their performance.

SBOA school has 142 ten-pointers out of 687 students who appeared for Class X exams and DAV Gopalapuram, produced over 100 ten-pointers. Not just these, there are many schools across the nation that have a huge number of ten pointers and it is hard to figure out the actual CBSE Class 10th toppers this time.

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